Meet the Superhero with Capes, Praneet Gill, MBBS Student

Meet the Superhero with Capes, Praneet Gill, MBBS Student

My inspiration to be a doctor was rooted in my wish to cure my grandfather of his paralysis.

As I grew older I realized that would not be possible as I familiarised myself with the functioning of the human body.

This did not demotivate me but further fuelled me to help my patients and become a better doctor. My dad’s wish for me to be a doctor was a final shove in the right direction.

I am currently in my final year of medical school and while the last few years have been a breeze and there have not been many difficulties, the long study hours do get tedious and it gets laborious to study everything on the curriculum.

One day I came across a doctor from Israel, @dr.elias_khourieh, and related to him like no other. He inspired me to get more fit and pursue other interests outside of medicine.

This was our superhero with capes story of Praneet Gill.

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