Meet Dr. Sanchi Rastogi, Paediatrician

“Everyone has moments in their lives that stay with them forever, mine happens to be the moment a young mother decided to name her child after me. The little infant had come in at 4am with dehydration but had an increased creatinine level indicating kidney failure that I spotted causing an eventful night that helped her recover completely. Now the little girl bears my name.

As a young child, I saw my uncle who was a surgeon at work and I knew this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life - I was academically gifted and a workaholic making pursuing medicine an obvious choice. I pursued my MBBS in Guwahati. During my internship year - I found myself very interested in pediatrics. The next step was a MD in Mumbai and I recently completed my fellowship in neurology. Now, I’m running my own practice and learning more each day as a pediatric neurologist.

In my career as a medic, several instances of violence against doctors have truly left me shocked and sad. I recollect several instances when the doctor is made to be the scapegoat even when they have tried their absolute best to help the patient. I hope doctors in this country are treated better and with more respect.

An activity to inculcate in yourself would be to learn, learn from everyone you meet, and learn from every curve ball thrown your way. I remember learning things from some professors at medical school that I will never forget or learning good communication by observing doctors during my internship. I learn from my family every day, particularly my sisters as they are kind enough to understand me and be my support whenever I need them. My advice to young students that aspire to be doctors would be to choose their professions and fields wisely. Absolutely love what you do and pursue it with zest and keep learning everyday.” 💊🥼 #knyamedheroes

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