Meet Dr Kaunain Baig

6 years back, in October 2016 I had left my homeland and moved to a new country, Ukraine. I was only acquainted with Ukraine as much as I could Google, which honestly is never enough! 

I’m currently located in my birth city, Pune.

Our batch barely 3 months away from our degree, had to evacuate and run for shelter and rescue ourselves out of the war stricken cities on the east.

I’m grateful to the GOI for ‘Operation Ganga’ without which it would have been extremely tedious for us to move out from the western borders and reach our homeland.

During the drop year I felt like I had suffered from undiagnosed depression and anxiety ! And post the war I felt as though I had ptsd and surviours guilt 

I’m vocal about mental health issues and it’s awareness but these two most important times of my life I couldn’t seek help 

I’m not proud of myself for it but I’m trying and I felt it’s important for you to know this aspect of my life because we all have our testing times but spirit that overcomes suffering is the one that is true to its purpose of existence 

I started my page on the 1st of April 2021 with the only idea that I was feeling saturated and creatively suffocated! I felt like I had a story to tell ! I wanted to reach out to as many people as I can and I accepted it in my heart that at the end of the day even if one person is benefiting from my work ! I will continue to do so ! 

Today marks 1 year anniversary of my page ! I’m so happy for the bond I have built with each one of you ! 

You have given my content so much love 

I feel overwhelmed with the amount of unconditional love you guys have showed me 

Today there’s a lot of uncertainty with respect to my degree, but to anyone who identifies with my situation I just have one message for you “do your bit, leave the rest” 

You can worry all you want for things that are beyond your scope but you can’t change a thing about it.

Instead try to work on yourself, educate yourself, monetise your skills and give your best everyday.

Thank you for reading so far my chimkins I hope this helps you.

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