Meet Dr Kasi Viswanath

Meet Dr Kasi Viswanath

We often think we know a lot about biology by the way that it's mostly a life science. In the case of biology background, people usually think that it's a field just for doctors. The general public wouldn't understand that microbiology, biotechnology is part of it as well.

The Indian Army was my dream, but since I am virtually the first person in my family to go to school, to even get a degree ,my father did not wanted their son to be indifferent, so he would highly prefer that his son became a doctor.

Since I had finally gotten into MBBS, I thought life will be wonderful. My English was very poor. The only thing I knew is Telugu, which is my mother tongue. I studied just for the sake of passing, not because I'm passionate about it. 

Coming to phase where I was developing interest into bodybuilding, this was like a life changing moment for me. After that, I started developing interest towards working out and stuff like. I always wanted to do something online to train people or to spread knowledge about health and wellness since my 10th, 11th grade itself.

Then when it comes to exercise, I started reading a lot of journals. All these journals you find on the Google. I started going through all the journals. That's what made my English even more fluent and more confident in that language and I started writing things and stuff, that got me interested in the physiology of how muscle growth happens and stuff. And then that's how I got interested. I went back to the basics of physiology, especially exercise physiology.

So I used to see what is there in the anterior compartment, what is in the posterior compartment. That's how I used to learn.

I became passionate about becoming a good doctor from my third year onwards. So that was my actual moment when I realized wholeheartedly and I was happy about my previous seat.

Till now I've cleared pretty much every exam which I could Mark. I hope this inspires other to pursue hobbies as well, which can help them decide how they can accelerate.

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