Meet Dr Gokul Mohanraj

3 years ago in 2019, I got enrolled in medical school at Mangalore, at a college I’ve seen since childhood while travelling down to Udupi and Kollur for holidays. Little did I know then that I would end up there pursuing my dream. Being an NRI,I had a lot of trouble with the enrollment. I was convinced I would take a gap year until a surprising turn of events landed me in mangalore. My batch was the first to have the new CBME Curriculum and I was initially quite excited. Being an extrovert I love to interact with people, but in college I realised that not everyone is your friend and you can’t expect it to be that way either. There have been many ups and downs with my friends but then that was a life experience and it has helped me grow and evolve as an individual. It was in first year when the covid lockdown happened and education came to a halt. Our lecturers themselves were learning to adapt to the new norm and medicine being a clinical course was difficult to explore online for me. It was a challenging time for students as well as motivation was running low and there was chaos and confusion surrounding us. It was during this period that I decided to build  a study gram to boost morale. 

On 5th July 2020, I started ‘MEDICO IN THE STARTER’ ,a blessing in disguise as this would be my opportunity to be motivated, interact with a lot of medical students across the globe and find good mentors and guides. My parents, well wishers and my teachers have been instrumental in making the page a success and that’s pushed me to work harder and also boosted my yearning to learn and do better in life.
I learnt about healthy competition and could also guide fellow medicos and my juniors. To mentor someone is such a blessing, and the happiness you get from that is unexplainable. I aspire my page to be a community where everyone can learn, reflect and bring about change as medics and as individuals. My experiences so far have taught me to that you are the creator of your own destiny and if you work hard for it, nobody can stop you from achieving all the success you desire. 

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