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                                                                               Our Story

Our core philosophy is centred on delivering quality, comfort and craftsmanship in every garment we create. For us, our commitment to fabric research, development and production is a huge part of our vision to be the best in what we do - which is to be the gold standard in the medical apparel industry.

Not all Superheores wear capes 

Some wear surgical gowns, scrubs or lab coats. To make sure our medical superheroes have top quality garments to safely carry on their heroic work, we did a deep-dive into fabric technology & design to understand exactly what doctors, surgeons, nurses and medics really want out of their daily hospital wear. And they didn’t want drab!

We make it feel like it's second skin 

KNYA MED’s collection of extremely functional medical apparel uses fabrics that are moisture wicking, easy to care & crease-resistant. We are almost obsessive about maintaining the highest standards of quality; each item goes through stringent quality checks during each stage of the production process. 

Partners that trust us 

Meet Our Founders 

Our Founders Vanshika Choudhary and Abhijeet Kaji are the dynamic husband-wife duo behind KNYA MED. As co-founders, Abhijeet and Vanshika have very distinct roles and strengths. With a degree in fashion studies from Lasalle College of Arts - Singapore, Vanshika is the creative ‘right brain’ of KNYA MED and drives sourcing, designing, production and quality control of their garments. Abhijeet, a Stanford University alum, is the analytical ‘left brain’, and leads hiring, revenue and growth of the company. Together, they run the company like a perfectly oiled machine, infusing comfort, functionality and hi-tech designs into their inspired collections of practical medical work-wear.